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The Members Retirement Program is endorsed by your association or group and is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals like yourself, by offering you an affordable, flexible way to help build your retirement assets and take advantage of potential savings today.

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Program Benefits

Program Benefits

Establishing a retirement plan may be a big step in the evolution of your practice, but as a member it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money or consume a lot of your time. Browse the Program Benefits section for information.

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We offer you three investment strategies from which to choose. The three investment strategies are Asset Allocation — Age Based, Asset Allocation — Risk Based, and Choose Your Own Investment Mix. See which strategy may align with your retirement goals.

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Members Retirement Program

At a glance

Effortless management

  • A customized plan tailored to meet your needs.
  • Dedicated specialists to help you throughout the setup and transition process.
  • Help navigating 401(k) regulations.

Exclusive Member Benefit

The Program offers you a full-service retirement plan on preferred terms, due to your group's ability to leverage its organization's size and market strength. The Members Retirement Program offers:

  • A one-time only enrollment fee of $25 per participant; that is waived under certain conditions.
  • No out-of-pocket expenses - they're covered through reasonable, ongoing deductions from participant accounts.
  • Convenient, asset-based fees that decrease as the plan grows.
  • Competitive "All-In" Fee for Members Retirement Program Plans.

Plan Sponsor Website

  • Process contributions online.
  • Transmit updated plan and participant census data.
  • File required annual 5500 report.
  • View and print online statements through the view as participant mode.
  • View and print account activity and loan reports and develop customizable report using our report wizard.
  • Get a copy of your adoption agreement and summary plan description.
  • Get important updates on law or regulation changes as well as administration guides and answers to frequently asked questions in the Plan Education Center.

Employee Education

Your employees can better prepare for retirement with access to:

  • Online resources and tools to help plan for their financial future.
  • My Retirement Goals section of website to help them set their goals and monitor their progress.
  • Participant Insight newsletter with access to articles on topics that will assist them in planning, saving and investing for retirement.

Working together, we'll get it done.

Members Retirement Program provides a new kind of 401(k) experience, with effortless management, customized plan design and access to educational tools to assist you and your employees in planning, saving, and investing for retirement.

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